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Casa Uno


Casa Uno Aluminium Jewellery Tree, Copper, Small, 16cm

For someone who has a love for elegance, jewellery is a priced possession. Keeping it in one place while displaying it beautifully is a tricky task. But with the small Casa Uno Aluminium Jewellery Tree in Copper, it's a piece of cake. This jewellery stand has a metallic copper finish, a lovely backing for all kinds of trinkets it can hold. From necklaces to rings, name it and the small Casa Uno Aluminium Jewellery Tree in Copper can hold it. Not only would it accomplish keeping your beloved pieces in one place, it would also display it in a sophisticated way only an all-in-one jewellery stand could do.

Details and Features:

  • Made of aluminium and has a metallic copper finish
  • Holds necklaces, bracelets, bangles, anklets, rings and chandelier earrings
  • Resembles a tall tree with numerous branches which would hold the jewellery pieces
  • Dimensions: 16.5cm High x 9.95cm Wide x 6.5cm Deep
  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • 12 months warranty
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